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RZR Rentals in Steamboat, CO

Welcome to our flagship location where “Came for the winter and stayed for the summer” comes true. This location offers a wide variety of Polaris RZR rentals such as the 2023 Polaris Turbo RZR 1000. We have a machine that can take you anywhere you need to go and more. Take the a scenic tour at Rabbit Ears pass, cruise the trails at Buff Pass with amazing views of Steamboat Springs or use a RZR for a hunting or fishing trip.

You can pick-up your Steamboat RZR rentals at 8:00 a.m. The Steamboat RZRZ rentals need to be back at the shop at 4:00 p.m. on the last day of your rental. RZR Steamboat with us and explore all the coolest places in the area!

Trail Info

The RZR trail options in Steamboat Springs, Colorado offer a wide range of terrain and difficulty levels for off-road enthusiasts. The trails wind through forests, valleys, and mountains, offering scenic views and exciting challenges.

There are several popular RZR trail options in the area, including the Rabbit Ears Pass, Hahns Peak, and Buffalo Pass trails. Each of these trails offers its own unique terrain and challenges, ranging from rocky terrain and steep inclines to smooth, flowing paths.

Rabbit Ears Pass is a popular destination for RZR riders, with trails that range from easy to difficult. The terrain includes rocky hillsides, forested areas, and open meadows. Hahns Peak offers more challenging terrain, including steep climbs and rocky sections, while Buffalo Pass offers a mix of terrain and challenges.

In addition to the popular trails, there are several rental options for RZRs in Steamboat Springs. CSR offers a variety of RZR rental choices from rentals to guided tours of the trails. CSR also offers ride from locations, making it easy for visitors to get started on their off-road adventure.

Overall, the RZR trail conditions and options in Steamboat Springs, Colorado offer something for everyone, from beginners to experienced off-road enthusiasts. With a variety of trails and rental options, visitors can experience the thrill of off-roading in one of the most beautiful areas of Colorado.

  • Close to Denver
From $300

Kremmling, Colorado, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, and renting a RZR to explore the nearby trailheads is the perfect way to experience its beauty. From rugged mountain terrain to vast open fields, Kremmling offers an excellent variety of landscapes to explore. With a RZR rental, you can explore the area at your own pace, making memories that will last a lifetime.


Although there are plenty of 4×4 trails in the area (many of which lead to the base of Rabbit Ears Peak to the east), there’s a gorgeous, 4-mile-long road that stretches from Dumont Lake to the Rabbit Ears, the summit rock formation from which the pass gets its name.

Take in gorgeous views of the Continental Divide, Rabbit Ears Peak, rivers, meadows, and more while you explore this relatively relaxed RZR trail system. In addition to RZR, visitors can bike, camp, fish, and hike in the summertime and snowmobile, cross-country ski and snowshoe in the winter.


Restaurants: Table 79, Aurum, Low Country Kitchen, Vaqueros, Taco Cabo, Talay Thai

Activities: Steamboat Resort, Fish Creek Falls, Emerald Mountain, Steamboat Library

Places to stay: Holiday Inn, Rabbit Ears Motel, The Highmark of Steamboat Activities: Steamboat Resort, Fish Creek Falls, Emerald Mountain, Steamboat Library