Our Sleds

CSR offers premium Polaris snowmobile rentals for on and off trail riding. Our selection of snowmobiles allows for enjoyment from all ability levels. 

We recommend this sled for experienced trail riders who are looking to experience backcountry riding for the first time. The SKS 155 is the most versatile deep snow crossover sled. Featuring the legendary RMK® Rider Balanced® agility plus bogie wheels and bulkhead cooler to maintain proper engine temperature for mixed-use riding in all snow conditions. Perfect for riders who use trails to get to deep snow. 

We recommend this sled for advanced riders with backcountry experience. The PRO-RMK® 155 is the lightest, strongest, most flickable deep snow sled on the market. The world’s best mountain sled features the industry’s best power-to-weight ratio to give the rider instantaneous lift and immediate response., it features the Polaris React™Front Suspension and the 850 Patriot engine.

We recommend the KHAOS® to riders that are ready to take on the next level of extreme backcountry riding. The RMK® KHAOS® 155 is the most flickable mountain sled – ever. Designed for all riding zones for a lively and dynamic backcountry experience. The most agile all-mountain sled comes standard with Walker Evans® Velocity Shocks for the best of the best in various mountain conditions. Plus, the light and rigid design of the KHAOS® Rear Suspension improves weight transfer for more control to deliver more power directly to the snow. 

We recommend this sled to riders who are looking to adventure On-Trail only. For forty years, INDY® has brought more riders together for the chance to experience a perfect day on the throttle and in control. The INDY® Adventure 137 brings high performance riders the ultimate in handling and versatility along with a premium shock package.