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Polaris 800

The 800 RMK PRO 155” with a 2.6 inch track is the lightest and most maneuverable sled we offer, it features the Polaris React™Front Suspension and the proven 800 Cleanfire® H.O. engineWe recommend this sled for advanced riders with backcountry experience. Learn More

POLARIS SKS 850 155"

The SnowCheck- Exclusive 850 SKS 155” with the 2.6 inch track is the most powerful sled we offer, it features the 850 Patriot™ engine, updated running boards, and39 inch ski-stance. We recommend this sled for experienced trail riders who are looking to experience backcountry riding for the first time. Learn More


The 600 Voyageur 144” is the most utilitarian snowmobile we offer, it features a 600 Cleanfire™ engine and a wide ski-stance for stability on trails. This is our most beginner friendly sled and the extended seat offers a comfortable ride for another passenger. This sled is available as a sled- ski rental including two sets of avalanche gear, two helmets, and a ski-rack.

Our Snowmobiles

The state of Colorado has over 14,500,000 acres of national forest to explore; with over 3,000 miles of trails snowmobilers are virtually guaranteed to find untouched powder. Whether you want to ride with one of our certified guides or head out with friends, CSR has the machines to make it happen! Come join CSR and learn what we love about the Colorado backcountry!