Yes, however the rental comes with a radio, beacon, shovel, probe and backpack. For an extra $30 a day you can upgrade the backpack to the air bag flotation pack.


We currently rent Tobe Outerwear Mono Suites for $40 per day. 

Offering Sizes Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Essentially you’ll want to dress for playing in the snow all day. We suggest a good pair of polypropylene style long underwear (top, bottom–and women will appreciate a good sports bra); a good pair of ski socks (polypropylene or wool, no cotton); comfortable middle layers over long underwear suits such as sweaters, sweatshirts, and sweatpants; polar fleece; waterproof and windproof outer layers (ski or snow pants and jacket); gloves. Helmets are required (and provided free of charge for all riders). Earrings can be uncomfortable under helmets, so you will want to keep that in mind. A camera is also a must-have to capture the spectacular beauty of snow dusted trees, frozen lakes and blanketed mountain sides. Always remember to bring fluids and food.


All the essential backcountry safety gear; back pack, Radio, shovel , probe, beacon, and Helmets are included with every rental. We also will walk through each machine with each renter. Explaining the machine itself, all the parts and what to pay attention for. We will instruct each renter on how to operate the machine – changing a belt, how to fill the oil reservoir and fill with fuel to name just a few. Remember we are here to make your trip an exciting and memorable time, if you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask.

Yes Colorado Sled Rentals loves to deliver snowmobiles.  Deliveries to select trail heads are available as well as private property.  The cost ranges depending on the distance from Steamboat Springs CO. Please view the delivery map for further explanation.

To drive a snowmobile, you must be at least 16 years old and have either a snowmobile safety certificate or a driver’s license. Snowmobile safety certificates can be acquired through

At Colorado Sled Rentals, our first priority is your safety. We walk all of our guests through a very thorough equipment overview and safety orientation. No prior experience is required, however we do recommend some experience for snowmobile rentals. We go off a scale of Level 1 (beginner) Level 2 (intermediate) Level 3 (advanced). We just ask at walk around your rider ability to give you the best advice on where to ride, how to ride and have the best day possible!

Our guides meet you first thing at our shop, your hotel, your home rental, personal home, at the parking lot, etc. whatever works best for you before you go ride! Day is along these lines: 

CSR guide meets you with all equipment and contracts if not at shop. Goes over all paper work and gets a good idea of where you are looking to ride for the day based on skill levels. Try on helmets and learn the basics of the machines (throttle, brake, hand warmers, belt changes, lights, how to start-stop machine)

CSR guides will do a pre ride inspection with all clients on each individual machine looking for any issues with sled or questions you may have. 

CSR guides will go over safety procedures and well as how to use safety equipment! (beacons, probe, shovel, radio, backpack)

After learning about the machine, your gear and answering any questions you may have for the day. Our guides will head out to the designated zone you want to ride for the day!

We understand there are different levels of riders and ask when you come in to fill the paper work out as well let us know your riding abilities. We ask to make sure you have the best day for the skills that you may have.

CSR guides will do on snow learning during the day, learning new techniques, understanding the terrain, becoming one with your machine. To then go ride alone or with friends the following day.

CSR has Routt National Forest delivery capabilities of your car doesn’t have a hitch or just to make your day that much easier! We meet you on the trail head with all the appropriate gear and sleds. After a brief pre trip and safety briefing we let you ride until your done. Meeting you back at the trail head to pick up machines and equipment!


You must be 18 years or older to operate with a valid drivers license. 

Passengers have no age discretion, but must demonstrate that they can grasp the handholds and firmly plant their feet, with back fully against the seat back rest.

No, sorry we do not allow car seats or any children to be passengers if they do not meat the requirements in question 2.

Yes, we do include helmets with the RZR and you are required to wear them at all times while operating the vehicle or being a passenger.

Goggles are required and we do provide you with them.

If you are renting and trailering a RZR we do require you to fuel and wash. If not returned full, we charge $3.75 a gallon to refuel and a $20 wash fee if not washed. When renting from a ride from location ********

  • Vehicle
  • Helmet
  • Goggles
We require:
  • Long sleeve shirts or jackets 
  • Long pants 
  • Gloves
  • Ankle high boots


Yes, we include helmets with all rentals!

Yes, helmets come with clear visor if you do not have sunglasses of your own.

The slingshot is a manual transmission. However a very easy clutch to learn if you haven’t driven one for an extended time. Please be aware we have the right to refuse a rental if client operator has not driven a manual or shows the inability to operate manual transmission.

No we require all rental vehicles to be fuel before return. But will come with a full tank, if returned not full we charge $3.75 a gallon to refuel.

While the weather in Colorado usually includes sunny days, be prepared for the weather to change quickly. The slingshots have more storage then you would expect. Wearing pants is highly recommended but not required. Driver must wear laced shoes no sandals. Bringing a light jacket is highly recommended and can easily stored behind seats. You must wear eye protection to operate or ride in the vehicle. Feel free to wear your sunglasses or CSR provided clear safety glasses.

Total storage on Slingshot measures in at approximately 22 gallons. The storage openings are approximately 300mm wide by 390mm tall. Inside, the storage boxes are larger than the openings, but in irregular and difficult to measure ways. A standard size backpack or a full faced helmet will fit in each of the two storage compartments.

Unforanitly we cant control the weather. Due to Colorado’s always changing weather we don’t offer inclimate weather refunds. Please check your riding areas weather prior to booking.

All Rental Policy

The total reservation will be refunded, more than seven (7) days prior to the scheduled start of the rental. There will be no refund of total reservation if not canceled within Seven (7) days of the scheduled start of the rental.

We do require a deposit on the Rentals to book and reserve dates. If you are inquiring about a deposit to book a rental.  We require 50% of the rental cost to book the vehicle for your dates.  The 50% booking charge is fully refundable up to 7 days prior to rental. If booking within 7 days payment is due in full. 
  • At CSR we have done our best in making the experience easy and affordable. Our clients are responsible for any damages up to the selected damage policy. If the rental is totaled you will be charged the selected deductible immediately upon return. We do not put a hold on your card for your rental however we approve card at a CSR for a min of 50% total deductible amonut in case damage is noticed on machine. CSR has 72 hours from the time the rental is returned to notice or repair any damage to the machine. We always call and go over any details or further charges before the next rental period. If you have any further questions or need any further details click on the contact page or call us today!

Day Rates / Out of pocket damage cost

Slingshot-  $20 – $1,500

Rzr-  $15 / $4,000     $30 / $2,500        $60 / $1,500


-$60 late per unit up to 1 hour late

-$125 up to 2 hours late

-After 2 hours late full day rental charge

Question Not Answered Here?

The key to having a good time and feeling like you know what you are getting is to be informed. We have tried to cover the common questions we get, but if we didn’t cover your questions or concerns, please email us or pick up the phone. We are committed to making sure we meet your needs so please don’t hesitate to ask.